Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Discover the Caravelle!

In December 2019, the Martinique Natural Park carried out new educational interventions on the Caravelle national nature reserve in order to present the actions of the LIFE BIODIV’OM program.

Discovery of the Caravelle by Park officials © PNM

The educational intervention

Led by the local coordinator of Life BIODIV’OM and two environmental stewards of the Martinique Natural Park, this outing enabled 3 classes of second professionals from the agricultural school LEGTA of Croix-Rivail to be made aware of conservation issues of the White-breasted trasher and know the actions of Life BIODIV’OM deployed locally.

Park wardens also presented the biodiversity of the reserve and the management measures carried out.

Actions on the White-breasted trasher

Threatened by fragmentation and loss of habitat through urbanization, agricultural activities, and the removal of nesting supports, the species is also impacted by predation by invasive exotic species such as the Black Rat and Small Indian mongoose. In order to face these threats, the Martinique Natural Park will set up a participatory predator management system, the “Trasher Brigade” and will offer alternative materials for the construction of fishing traps. Finally, an ecological corridor will be created in order to increase the living space of the species and thus reconnect more or less isolated areas.