Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Discovering the SEOR Care Center

On Tuesday, July 27, the Life BIODIV’OM coordination assistant, on a mission to Reunion Island, took advantage of his visit to visit the care center of the Society of Ornithological Studies of Reunion Island.

Weighing the Red-footed Booby at the SEOR Care Center © Florent BIGNON/LPO

Monitoring mission

In order to follow the actions of the Life BIODIV’OM and to exchange effectively with the program partners, the coordinator and the coordination assistant of the LPO regularly carry out missions to the territories in order to take stock of the progress of the actions. As in French Guiana in April, it is now in Reunion Island and Mayotte that this mission takes place.

The care center of SEOR

In the event of grounding, the SEOR federates and coordinates since 1997 a network of rescue on the whole island to take care of these birds collected by the population. Transferred to the rescue center of the association, they receive the necessary care before being released at the seaside. In 2019, 457 disoriented and stranded young petrels were collected within the center during the three months of flight. 85% of them were able to be treated and released. Since the creation of SEOR, over 34,000 seabirds have been cared for.

The visit observed the care and feeding of several residents such as a red-footed booby, a sooty tern and a lesser noddy.

Visit the NAC extension

Since 2012, SEOR has seen a clear increase in the number of new pets (from 7 in 2012 to 83 in 2017), reported, lost and collected at the rescue center. Following this, an extension of the center was carried out in 2018 and currently allows to take care of these animals.

During this visit, a Prevost’s squirrel was collected and is currently in the center. This species is naturally present from Thailand to Malaysia and could present dangers for local species of Reunion Island if it were to stay in the wild.