Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

In Mayotte, it was time for the Festival of Nature!

At the end of June 2021, the Environmental and Sustainable Development Education Network led by the Mayotte Nature Environment federation organized the 9th edition of the Festival of Nature in Mayotte within the Botanical Garden of Coconi. An event to which the GEPOMAY association obviously responded.

GEPOMAY stand at the Festival of Nature © GEPOMAY

Two days for two target audiences

Friday June 25, GEPOMAY hosted a stand for school children and offered two different activities: the binoculars game and the drawn fresco, on the theme of the year “Through 1001 regards”. In total, 148 students of CP, CE1, 6th and 5th took part in these animations.

Educational activities and games on the GEPOMAY stand © GEPOMAY

On Saturday June 26, the Botanical Garden of Coconi welcomed the general public. In total, more than 350 people attended the event. During this day, GEPOMAY presented several activities on their stand:

  • Binoculars game
  • Timed puzzles
  • Origami
  • Memory game
  • Free long-sighted observation
  • Children’s corner (free drawings)

The stand also presented two kakemonos about the actions of LIFE BIODIV’OM as well as several awareness documents on the Madagascar pond heron.