Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Rat eradication actions by the Reunion National Park

In the framework of the BIODIV’OM project, the agents of the northern sector of the National Park participate in rat extermination activities.

Setting up the bait station by the agents of the Réunion National Park © Caroline Robert, Reunion National Park

A division of tasks

In order to protect the Tuit-tuit, rat control actions are implemented on Roche-Ecrite in order to reduce the negative impacts related to the presence of predators such as the rat. For this, transects called “lines” on which baiting stations are present, are identified and regularly traveled by the teams of SEOR and PNRun to relieve rat poison.
Given the number of lines identified, the teams of SEOR and PNRun shared this transects to be carried out during the year. Here is the baiting station 1064 which is set up before the reproduction period of the Tuit-tuit. The posts protect the rodent from moisture and target only the rat, the main predator of the Tuit-tuit.

Volunteers help Tuit-tuit

In order to ensure the perpetuation of these deratting actions, the Tuit-tuit Brigades were created, composed of volunteers, some trained as brigade chiefs to carry out the participatory projects. Thanks to these participatory projects carried out for 3 years on the Roche-Ecrite forest, the population is now estimated at 37 pairs in 2018 against 7 pairs in 2003 and managed to produce 25 chicks during the 2018-2019 season.