Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Shooting for the Life BIODIV’OM presentation video

On July 31, teams from the Martinique Nature Park accompanied Renaud LEROUX, cameraman and video director in Martinique, during a day of shooting on the peninsula of La Caravelle at the meeting of the White breasted thrasher.

Shooting day to record rushes of the White breasted thrasher © PNM

Life BIODIV’OM presentation video

In October 2019, the LPO will release its first presentation video on Life BIODIV’OM. This 7-minute video will aim to present the territories on which the project is carried out, as well as the associated partners, the species and habitats targeted and the actions put in place for the next 5 years.

In 2021, a second video will be broadcast to highlight the progress of the project and a third and final video in 2023 will aim to present the results of the Life BIODIV’OM program.

Raise awareness of threatened biodiversity

This is the goal of Life BIODIV’OM. For this, the program deploys a real communication plan with a website, a facebook page, a presentation booklet, a traveling exhibition, three presentation videos and 10 information panels on the program, placed in different territories. .

Finally, in order to involve local populations and local decision-makers, six awareness campaigns on the project’s species and target habitats will be implemented through local awareness clips, volunteer leaflets and school interventions.