Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Atlantic goliath grouper and sustainable fishing consultation: let’s go!

The first consultation workshop on the sustainable and concerted management of the Atlantic goliath grouper in Guyana took place on Friday, October 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Organized by GEPOG in partnership with DialTer and Graine Guyane, it brought together around twenty participants.

Workshop n ° 1: Sharing knowledge around the bio-ecology of the Atlantic goliath grouper and the state of populations

For this first workshop, different structures responded:

  • Associations of recreational fishermen
  • Regional Committee for Fisheries and Marine Farms
  • French Biodiversity Office
  • Directorate General of Territories and the Sea
  • Territorial Collectivity of Guyana
  • Ifremer
  • WWF
  • Restaurateurs and instructors, fishing guides.

The theme of this workshop was the sharing of knowledge on the bio-ecology of the grouper and the state of populations. On this occasion, Christopher Malinowski and Athila Bertoncini, two subject matter experts for Florida and Brazil respectively, were present by videoconference to share the knowledge acquired on the species in their territory and answer questions from participants.

For Guyana, improving knowledge of the species remains a priority subject, particularly with regard to migration, reproduction but also the potential contamination of animals with heavy metals, opening the door to future scientific projects.

The rest of the day allowed us to present the progress of the other workshops which will take place on Thursday, October 28 and then on Monday, November 22. During these upcoming meetings, the participants will get to the heart of the matter and will have to establish concrete action proposals for sustainable fishing that reconciles economic, social activities and the preservation of marine resources.

Meet on Thursday October 28 from 4 pm to 7 pm in Cayenne at Salle Lapiquionne – DGTM / Vieux Port for a workshop on the theme “Structuring the sectors”. The objective of this workshop: to develop proposals around fishing practices, facilities, equipment, processing and marketing.