Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Conference at the University Center of Mayotte: focus on the Madagascar pond-heron !

On Friday May 6, the GEPOMAY association organized a conference at the University Center of Mayotte (CUFR). The opportunity to present the association, the Madagascar pond-heron and the protocols put in place to monitor and protect the most endangered bird on the island to the public who came for the occasion.

Conference at the CUFR of Mayotte – GEPOMAY

The Madagascar pond-heron, an emblematic species of the island

The Madagascar pond-heron is a small heron that breeds only on 4 islands in the world: Madagascar, Aldabra (Seychelles), Europa (TAAF) and Mayotte on which about 30% of the breeding population is settled. This species is globally threatened (IUCN Status: EN), impacted in particular by the destruction of its feeding and breeding habitats, wetlands (mangroves, wet meadows, etc.) but also by disturbance and potential predation of invasive alien species such as the black rat.

Madagascar pond-heron – Steeve Mathieu/GEPOMAY

How to monitor and protect the species?

To protect the species, the GEPOMAY association carries out various actions with the aim of monitoring the numbers of the species and the population trend, protecting the species from predators and restoring habitats, in particular wet meadows, feeding grounds for the Madagascar pond-heron.

To carry out the monitoring, the GEPOMAY carries out each year monitoring in ULM or by drone via the company DroneGo. In 2021, the association set up an innovative protocol in order to refine the monitoring and get as close as possible to the actual numbers of the populations present in Mayotte. Since 2019, the association has also deployed actions to fight against the Rat black in some mangroves where the species nests.