Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Creation of a network of actors for the “Groupers of Guyana”

On Friday April 10, 2020, GEPOG launched a Facebook page “Mérous de Guyane” in order to create a real network bringing together fishermen, observers and enthusiasts of groupers.

Atlantic goliath grouper © Stephen FRINK

Complete the interviews on the Atlantic goliath Grouper

With a view to sustainable and concerted management of the resource, interviews with Atlantic goliath grouper fishermen in French Guiana have started several months ago. However, confinement no longer allows this questionnaire to be submitted to fishermen in the field.

Faced with this major obstacle to collecting information, the desire to create a Facebook page has grown, in order to be able to mobilize a maximum of fishermen who have not yet carried out the interview. These data will make it possible to accumulate important data on the species and quantities caught in order to improve the management of grouper stocks in Guyana.

Make the “French Guiana Groupers” page a reference

If the “Grouper of Guyana” page was created with the aim of collecting information from fishermen, it also aims, in the long term, to become a reference page on the different species of Groupers in Guyana. Through this page, information and knowledge on the groupers of Guyana will be collected, shared and disseminated to the general public.

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