Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Beginning of consultations with fishing stakeholders in Martinique

In December 2019, the local coordinator of Life BIODIV’OM in the Martinique Natural Park met Victor CHARLESIA, fisherman from Tartane in the town of Trinité.

Meeting between the local coordinator of LIFE BIODIV’OM and a fisherman © PNM

The concertation process

In the same way as the meetings carried out with the director and the farmer concerned with the creation of the ecological corridor, the local LIFE coordinator met with a fishery player in order to start the consultation process on this theme.

The meeting between the two actors was an opportunity to present the Life BIODIV’OM program and the challenges of preserving the White-breated trasher in Martinique but also to gather contextual elements on fishing in the town of La Trinité such as the practices, information on the removal of wood and methods of making lockers.

The purpose of this meeting is therefore to discuss the alternative solutions envisaged and to collect feedback from this fisherman regarding his opinion, his constraints, his needs and his suggestions. The coordinator also took the opportunity to show her the awareness clip made on the White-breasted trasher as part of Life BIODIV’OM.

A meeting marked by a positive feedback from this actor encouraging the process by insisting on the awareness, information and communication component which is of paramount importance.

The White-breasted trasher and fishery

The White-breasted trasher is a bird living in dense forest and nesting on fine shrubs locally called “gaulettes” and used for making fishing traps. The Martinique Natural Park therefore carries out consultation workshops with fishermen in order to understand their fishing techniques and their needs in order to reconcile economic activities and protection of biodiversity so as to be able to offer beneficial alternatives to the various stakeholders.