Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Beginning of exchanges on the ecological corridor in Martinique

In November, the local coordinator of Life BIODIV’OM of the Natural Park of Martinique met André PROSPER, representative of the Galion Agricultural Exploitation (EAG) and main actor concerned by the ecological corridor project.

Nancy JACQUELIN, local coordinator of the Life BIODIV’OM in Martinique and André PROSPER, representative of the Galion Farm © PNM

The consultation process

The meeting between the two actors was an opportunity to present the Life BIODIV’OM program and the conservation issues of the White breasted trasher in Martinique but also to collect elements on the agricultural activities practiced by the EAG (mainly livestock farming and sugar cane crop) on the peninsula of Caravelle. The purpose of this meeting is to put the ecological corridor project in perspective on plots mainly dedicated to livestock grazing (Brahman cows).

The ecological corridor

An ecological corridor is a crossing zone linking two natural areas thus favoring the migration, the displacement and the survival of certain species.

As part of the Life BIODIV’OM, an ecological corridor will be created in Martinique on the peninsula of Caravelle to connect two isolated populations of White-breasted trasher and thus ensure the sustainability of the species. Since these areas are separated by farmland, the PNM is initiating a consultation process with local farmers to find the best way to combine agricultural activities and the protection of biodiversity.