Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Start of school interventions in French Guiana

First school outing during the LIFE BIODIV’OM project

 11th December 2018, a third-form class from Javouhey enjoyed a school outing to Iracoubo and Sinnamary in order to discover the savannahs, their fauna, flora and landscapes as well as man’s influence and potential threats.

Accompanied by the GEPOG, the pupils could ask questions about careers related to environmental protection. They also learnt more about savannah plants and animals, the origins of these landscapes and the natural inhabitants found there. After an inventory on the natural history to be found in Trou-Poissons savannah, the group visited Sinnamary wildlife visitor centre and discovered the issues concerning Acacia mangium, the invasive alien tree that tends to destroy the coastal savannah.

The pupils courageously braved successive periods of rain looking for the plants, birds and small creatures of the savannah!

A remarkable ecosystem
The dry Guiana savannahs cover only 0.3 % of Guyana’s landmass and are among the scarcest habitats in the territory. Covering a small area but biologically very rich, these savannas are home to 18 species of endangered birds and are a habitat of numerous other heritage species.