Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

French Guiana: Silence, it records!

In June 2019, the GEPOG selected the association ” Dans les forêts de Guyane ” to realize their awareness videoclip on the dry savannahs of French Guiana and thus begin the first shots in this rare habitat.

First shots in the “Savane des Pères” © M.ROGER/GEPOG

First shots

In June 2019, the GEPOG teams went to the commune of Kourou to make the first shots and thus capture the remarkable landscape of the “Savane des Pères”. Other shots will be taken during the month to capture new images such as the unique flora and fauna of dry savannahs.

The awareness campaign

Listed in the Life BIODIV’OM program, the awareness campaign aims to involve local populations and address the inhabitants of overseas territories. This campaign is specific to each territory and can be broken down through several actions such as the writing of press releases, the realization of school interventions as well as the creation of an awareness video clip. In French Guiana, this awareness clip will highlight the rare and remarkable dry savannahs of French Guiana as well as the actions planned within the Life BIODIV’OM framework in order to protect them.

Dans les forêts du Guyane

Provider selected by the GEPOG to carry out this sensitization clip, ” Dans les forêts du Guyane ” is a web series centered on the Guyanese wildlife made by two friends and is now an association whose goal is to raise awareness of wealth Amazonian biodiversity and issues related to the protection of species and the conservation of their habitats.
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