Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Last consultation workshop for a sustainable management of the Atlantic goliath grouper in French Guiana!

On February 3, 2022, GEPOG organized the 4th and last consultation workshop on the sustainable and concerted management of the Atlantic goliath grouper in French Guiana, an opportunity to finalize and prioritize all the proposals that came out of these four consultation workshops.

Consultation workshop © GEPOG

A consultation process

On October 22, 2021, the very first consultation workshop began. Since then, three new workshops have taken place on October 28, November 22 and February 3, 2022. Organized by GEPOG and co-hosted by DialTer and Graine Guyane, these workshops aimed to define, with recreational fishermen, socio- professionals, scientists or State services, proposals or courses of action to implement sustainable management of the Atlantic goliath grouper and to perpetuate certain fishing activities.

The first workshop organized on October 22 had as its main objective the sharing of knowledge on the bio-ecology of the Atlantic goliath grouper and on the state of the populations in Guyana, Brazil and the United States.

Following this, on October 28, fishing stakeholders, associations, state services, communities, scientists, etc. were brought together to define actions or courses of action according to three different orientations:

  • Foster sustainable individual practices;
  • Create the conditions for the sustainability of the (economic) activities related to grouper fishing;
  • Promoting local knowledge and know-how on the species and practices.

On November 22, participants then continued this work to define actions in three further directions:

  • Develop a sustainable recreational fishing activity
  • Sustainably manage stocks while supporting the sectors
  • Enforce the regulations in force.

The fourth workshop, organized on February 3, 2022, made it possible to finalize and prioritize these proposals. 12 objective sheets have been defined, grouping around thirty actions, some of which will be implemented in the short term. The stakeholders in this consultation process will be able to join working groups and thus set up collective projects to improve knowledge, promote sustainable fishing techniques or even to strengthen the supervision of practices.

These three workshops brought together 29, 19 and 20 people respectively. The work is being finalized and the results will be presented at a feedback meeting during the month of April.

Consultation workshop © GEPOG

Train to better manage

Organized by GEPOG and provided by Graine Guyane and Dialter, training in “territorial dialogue” was offered to all the environmental network. A first 3-day training session took place in April 2021 with the aim of addressing and understanding the notion of consultation process and territorial dialogue.

A second 3-day training was also held at the end of November 2021 to deepen the knowledge acquired last April and train participants in methods relating to the facilitation of consultation processes.

This training brought together around thirty participants from the environmental protection community such as employees of associations, local authorities or even State services. A lot of theoretical contributions and numerous simulations allowed the participants to familiarize themselves with the consultation process, which is increasingly used in projects where the actors involved are numerous and the expectations sometimes multiple.

Consultation workshop © GEPOG