Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Exchanges for sustainable fishing in French Guiana!

On 02 October 2019, GEPOG organized the first monitoring committee for the concerted management of the Goliath grouper in the framework of Life BIODIV’OM.

Monitoring Committee of the Goliath Grouper © GEPOG

A multi-partner committee

GEPOG has invited all the actors contributing to or contributing to the preservation of the species in French Guiana. DEAL, Direction de la Mer, Comité Régional des Pêches, Association des Plaisanciers and Pêcheurs de Guyane, Ifremer, Mairie de Cayenne, but also Bureau Action d’Etat en Mer and ONCFS/SMPE were present.

Focus on Life BIODIV’OM

This follow-up committee gave a detailed presentation of the Life BIODIV’OM project, its context and the conservation issues related to the Goliath grouper. The Fisheries Committee representing professional fishermen and one of the largest recreational boating associations spoke about the status of the grouper fishery in Guyana and also showed interest in participating in this program. The actors sincerely appreciate the initiative and show a strong commitment to the actions that concern them. DEAL Guyana has welcomed the implementation of this ambitious project which is the continuation of the scientific work undertaken on the giant grouper for several years in Guyana.

The three main phases of the Life BIODIV’OM component on the Goliath grouper were presented and discussed:
– interviews with fishermen to describe fishing practices,
– consultations and workshops with all stakeholders in 2021
– implementation of measures and strengthening of surveillance

The next meeting will take place in April 2020.