Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The Faune-Antilles website already exceeds 11,000 observations submitted!

While the Faune-Antilles website has only been open for 6 months, more than 11,000 observations of the fauna of the Antilles have already been transmitted. An encouraging launch for this new participatory platform launched as part of the LIFE BIODIV’OM project.

Glossy Ibis – Imran SHAH

Birds at the center of observations

Thanks to 86 registered observers, today more than 11,000 wildlife sightings have been transmitted with:

  • Nearly 9,000 bird sightings (80%)
  • 1350 observations of Butterflies (12%)
  • 480 reptile sightings (4%)
  • 250 sightings of odonates (2%)
  • 80 amphibian data (1%)
  • 40 mammal data (0.5%)
  • 8 bat data (0.1%)

The majority of the data was transmitted on the island of Saint-Martin (62%) then Guadeloupe (26%) and finally from Martinique (9%).

These results highlight the inventory mission carried out by an ornithological expert on the island of Saint-Martin since November 2022 with the aim of improving knowledge of the island’s avifauna.