Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Training for “Acacia mangium knowledge and control methods” in Guyana

On September 17, 2021, the GEPOG carried out a training course at the town council of Rémire-Montjoly on the theme “ Acacia mangium knowledge and control methods “. The town council of Rémire-Montjoly is a key player in the fight against this invasive alien plant species since it finances the felling of acacias thanks to the “Plan de relance” and begins actions in November 2021.

Field training © GEPOG

In total, this training brought together around ten people from the town council’s technical service, including the manager of the town council’s environment service as well as the company “CLEANING SERVICES Green Space – Cleaning of premises” in charge of felling acacias on the town.

Classroom training © GEPOG

This training was the opportunity to carry out a first theoretical part in the room through the projection of a slide show and the manipulation of the elements of the plant (leaves, fruits, plants, seeds). Different themes were thus discussed:

  • general information on acacia and characteristics
  • introduction to Guyana and uses
  • what is an EEE (example of niaouli and water hyacinth)
  • life and its goals
  • control techniques and recommendations

Training: control techniques © GEPOG

In the second part of the training, a visit to a municipal plot with Acacias in the forest and on a wasteland was carried out with the aim of:

  • to recognize the species in situ (bark, litter, tree habit)
  • to illustrate the techniques tested: ringing, felling, manual lifting

This training integrates one of the objectives of LIFE BIODIV’OM which is to carry out 4 training sessions with the technical services of the municipalities, the technicians of natural spaces in order to present the general concepts relating to invasive species as well as the results of actions related to the fight against IAS in favor of Guyanese savannas.