Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity


Life BIODIV’OM presented at INTERLIFE 2018!

Organised in 2018 by LIFE Tourbières du Jura (LIFE Jura peat-bogs), INTERLIFE 2018 was held from 19th to 21st September 2018 at Bras-Panon in the Jura, north-eastern France. It was an opportunity to present LIFE BIODIV’OM, its actions and its objectives.


INTERLIFE is an annual meeting of different beneficiaries of Francophone LIFE projects that lasts several days and is organised by a current LIFE programme beneficiary. In 2018 INTERLIFE was organised by LIFE Tourbières du Jura.

The meeting brings together all those with a Francophile LIFE project as well as members of the European commission and members of external organisations that monitor the LIFE programme (NEEMO).

INTERLIFE aims to present new LIFE projects, assess projects that are almost at an end, organise exchange meetings centred on workshops concerning good practices, putting together and coordinating LIFE projects or more technical or administrative and financial workshops.

It also provides the opportunity for the LIFE organiser to show some ongoing actions.


LIFE Tourbières du Jura

In 2018 LIFE Tourbières du Jura welcomed those involved in LIFE projects to Bras-Panon in the Jura, from 19th to 21st September. The LIFE Tourbières du Jura project aims to restore the functioning of a large number of peat-bogs in the Jura range part of Franche-Comte.

It’s was the opportunity for LIFE project actors to see the ecological restoration work and re-meandering done in the peat-bogs, to visit the “Polar World visitor centre” and to discover silvi-pastoral management in the Haut-Jura.

To find out more about Life Tourbières du Jura: