Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Discovery day of the savannas of Guyana

On October 12th, GEPOG organized a day in the field, along with members of the association, to raise awareness of this rare environment and to explain the threats to this ecosystem.

Uprooting of IAS plants by the President of GEPOG © C. LeReun / GEPOG 2019

Today’s program

This day was an opportunity to take stock of the different savannas observed along the way, to walk the Savannah Trail in Sinnamary and to receive explanations on the savannahs at the Yiyi Pripris interpretation trail. Finally, awareness was focused on the impacts of invasive alien plant species, Acacia mangium and Niaouli, threatening the savannas of Guyana. The opportunity for the president of the association to tear off a few feet of Acacia mangium and Niaoulis!

A remarkable ecosystem

The savannas of French Guyana cover only 0.3% of the territory of French Guyana and are among the most rare habitats of the territory. These shallow and very rich savannas are home to more than 18 threatened bird species and serve as a natural habitat for many other heritage species.