Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Kick-off Life BIODIV’OM

Presentation of LIFE BIODIV’OM in Brussels!

There was a meeting of European LIFE project representatives in Brussels from 7th to 9th November 2018. It was the occasion to present LIFE BIODIV’OM to the European Commission and learn how the LIFE programme operates.

Common themes

Taking into account the numerous European LFE programmes to be presented during the 3 days, they were all classified and integrated into different categories so that everyone could exchange ideas and share their programme on a common theme.

Thus Life BIODIV’OM was placed in the « invasive alien species » category, a theme of prime importance and a major cause of decline of species targeted in LIFE programme.

With some ten LIFE projects included in this category, two days were devoted to their presentation and exchange between beneficiaries about the actions and objectives of each of their LIFE projects.

The running of the LIFE programme

This introduction also allowed for the presentation of all LIFE project beneficiaries and principle interlocutors between the European Commission and beneficiaries. There was also a presentation of EASME, the European Commission’s executive agency and NEEMO, the external management team with a consultative role that assures the programme’s successful running.

An additional subject was raised concerning the general conditions of the LIFE programme and what was expected to be delivered at the project end and about communication tools.