Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The management of invasive alien species under discussion in Martinique!

Last October, the Martinique Nature Park carried out a technical committee (COTECH) to deepen the management actions of invasive alien species that will be put in place in order to preserve the white breasted trasher.

Group photo at COTECH © PNM


Bringing together many partners such as the Territorial Collective of Martinique, the DEAL Martinique, the Conservatoire du littoral, the NFB, the association Le Carouge and the PNM, the technical committee allowed to present the context and general objectives of the plan of concerted actions for the White-breasted trasher, to take stock of the lessons learned on the management of invasive alien species and to deepen certain points such as the logistical preparation of the field operations that will be carried out in 2020 (calendar, material, protocol (s), etc.) or the call to volunteer for the constitution of a “Trasher Brigade”.

The actions of LIFE BIODIV’OM

Threatened by fragmentation and habitat loss through urbanization, agricultural activities, and removal of nesting supports, the species is also impacted by predation by invasive alien species such as Black Rat and Small Indian mongoose. In order to face these threats, the Martinique Nature Park will set up a participative management system for predators, the “Trasher Brigade” and will propose alternative materials for the construction of fishing nets. Finally, an ecological corridor will be created to increase the habitable surface area of ​​the species and reconnect more or less isolated areas.