Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The management of invasive alien species is going on in Guyana!

On Wednesday, November 13th, GEPOG, along with the Kourou company Chloro Tech, started the active phase of the management method tests on the invasive alien plant species Melaleuca quinquenervia, commonly called Broad-leaved paperbark.

Cutting and annealing of Broad-leaved paperback © A.STIER / GEPOG

The Broad-leaved paperbark

The Broad-leaved paperbark is considered one of the most problematic invasive alien plant species for the conservation of the Guyana littoral savannas. Imported from Australia, this species darkens open spaces and invades savannas. Its ability to withstand fires and produce more than 20,000,000 seeds a year makes it as a formidable and invasive species, threatening the Guyanese savannas.

The protocol

In order to know the optimal management method in order to be able to properly manage this species, GEPOG conducted management tests on 200 individuals of Broad-leaved paperbark. So after 9 hours of field work, all previously identified trees were cut, annealed and treated with different herbicides.

Once treated, each tree is identified by an individual number on a plastic tag and noted on rubalt, nailed to the stump or on the trunk, or hooked to a concrete bar so that the treatments can be followed in time.

The objective

This operation carried out on grounds of the Space Center within the framework of the Life BIODIV’OM aims from 2020 to highlight the most effective methods to manage this invasive alien species and limit its expansion.