Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The LPO on a coordination mission in Mayotte

From November 22 to 24, 2021, the coordinator of Life BIODIV’OM, Delphine MORIN, went to the island of Mayotte following the technical seminar in Reunion Island, in order to take stock with the GEPOMAY teams on the advancement of actions on the territory in favor of the Madagascar pond heron.

The GEPOMAY team and Delphine MORIN, Life BIODIV’OM coordinator © GEPOMAY

From the field

During these 3 days, several field trips and events were organized:

  • Visit of a feeding site of the Madagascar pond heron : the Ambato lagoon. This passage was an opportunity to see the facilities put in place on the site in order to improve and channel traffic on this site (boundaries) and to promote public awareness (Life information panel). This also made it possible to see the result of the restoration actions of August 2020 and to discuss with the association Jardin de M’tsangamouji on the monitoring of the site and the awareness of the general public.

Field visit to the Ambato lagoon © Delphine MORIN/LPO

  • Accompaniment of the provider DroneGo for the realization of the monitoring of the heronries by drone and observation of the difficulties related to the implementation of this protocol.
  • Accompaniment of the study manager and the technician on rat control actions on the Ironi-Bé mangrove and observation of the methods put in place (chew cards and A24 traps).

In the heart of the mangroves with GEPOMAY © Delphine MORIN/LPO

  • Meeting by videoconference and face-to-face with local actors such as the DEAL of Mayotte on the actions of LIFE related to the protection of the feeding and nesting sites of the Madagascar pond heron and participation in the COPIL PNA Madagascar pond heron to discuss the progress of the project, financial aspects and obligations under the After-Life plan.
  • Participation in an educational outing on Lake Karihani, feeding site of the Madagascar pond heron.

Visit of Lake Karihani © Delphine MORIN/LPO

National coordination

The Life BIODIV’OM is a European project deploying actions in five outermost regions in which beneficiaries carry out the conservation and protection actions of the project. This is the case of SEOR and PNRun in Reunion, GEPOMAY in Mayotte, GEPOG in Guyana, AGRNSM in Saint-Martin and PNRM in Martinique. In order to be able to respect the deadlines, the progress of the actions and the budget associated with the program, the national coordination of LIFE was entrusted to the LPO, with its experience in numerous European projects.

Regular visits

In order to be able to ensure the smooth running of the actions, the project provides for coordination missions in all the territories targeted by the project over the course of 5 years. These missions make it possible to take stock of the progress of the project, to organize seminars on common themes and to meet new people hired on the program.