Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The Saint Martin Nature Reserve is preparing for the start of the school year

On August 30th, the team of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve Management Association presented the LIFE to the teaching team at the Quartier d’Orléans primary school.

Presentation of the BIODIV’OM to the team © AGRNSM

Educate the youngest
Awareness is at the heart of the Life BIODIV’OM and intervenes among the youngest by setting up 6 school interventions per year, 3 in the field and 3 in class. In Saint-Martin, children will be made aware of the need to protect groupers but also to protect their habitats and the marine ecosystem in general. Outings at sea will be coupled with classroom interventions and will allow children to discover these unique habitats with their own eyes.

The AME (Marine Educational Area) label
To recognize and highlight the commitment of some schools, the “Marine Educational Area” label is awarded each year to schools that engage in a process of participatory management of the marine environment. In Saint-Martin, the Orléans District School has obtained this label and is therefore committed to protecting the marine environment.

Presentation of Life BIODIV’OM
On August 30, 2019, the AGRNSM officers presented the Life BIODIV’OM and announced to the teaching team that the structure is available to carry out classroom and field events as part of Life. Animations are already being organized with classes CM1 and CM2.