Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Reunion island and French Polynesia work together!

In December 2019, SEOR carried out a companionship with the Society of Ornithology of Polynesia (SOP) in order to benefit from their experience in terms of predator management for the conservation of Polynesian birds.

Pair of Tahiti Monarch © SEOR

Tahiti Monarch

With fewer than 50 mature individuals, the species is listed as “critically endangered” on the IUCN World List. The main threats to this species are the presence of several predators, competition from other exotic bird species and the degradation of its habitat by invasive plant species.

Given the similarity of threats between the Reunion cuckooshrike in Reunion island and the Tahiti Monarch, SEOR has carried out a mentoring funded by TEMEUM and LIFE BIODIV’OM in order to learn more about the systems implemented place on the island to combat these threats.

In Reunion island, the Reunion cuckooshrike is also subject to the pressure exerted by predators such as rats but also to certain species such as The Red-whiskered Bulbulwhich could have an impact as a competitor on the resources of the species.

The mission

During these 7 days of mission, the different study sites for the Tahiti Monarch were visited in order to discover on the ground the different techniques deployed to manage predators according to the characteristics of the terrain.

In total, over 7 days of mission; 3 days were devoted to field visits, 3 days were devoted to sharing the experience of the SOP on all of its conservation programs (transmission of contacts, transmission of bibliography, presentation of SEOR actions and its issues with discussions associated with future management plans, etc.) and finally 1 day allowed to begin the synthesis of this mission.

This mission will therefore make it possible to refine the methods implemented within the framework of Life BIODIV’OM in order to optimally manage predators of Reunion cuckooshrike and exotic birds threatening this endemic species of Reunion island.