Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The ecological corridor presented at the TVB seminar in Martinique

On March 11 and 12, 2021, DEAL Martinique organized a Green and Blue Infrastructure (TVB) seminar in order to present the concepts, interests and challenges of ecological continuities. The opportunity for the Regional Natural Park of Martinique (PNRM) to present the ecological corridor project in favor of White-breasted thrasher to elected officials and technicians from the communities of Martinique.

Presentation of the ecological corridor by the Regional Natural Park of Martinique © Fanny FONTAN-DEAL Martinique

An ecological corridor in favor of the White-breasted thrasher

At the end of November 2020, the Regional Natural Park of Martinique and the Exploitation Agricole du Galion (EAG) jointly committed to the creation of an ecological corridor favorable to the White-breasted thrasher on the Caravelle peninsula. The aim is to partially restore the habitat historically enjoyed by this bird. This development will notably make it possible to provide the species with improved reproduction conditions, so that it can progress in number and distribution in the territory.

Ornithological monitoring is also planned in order to assess population trends, in the Caravelle National Nature Reserve and outside. This will help maintain biodiversity in agricultural environments, since other native flora and fauna species will thus be able to colonize the space.

Caravelle peninsula © Laurent JUHEL / PNRM

The ecological corridor project on the Caravelle Peninsula was thus presented in order to:

  • to illustrate a concrete example of the implementation of the Green Trame
  • raise awareness of the conservation issues of the White breasted thrasher
  • to provide elements of understanding on the interest of restoring and maintaining ecological continuities in favor of local biodiversity
  • to share feedback on consultation and mobilization of regional stakeholders on the subject.

The Green and Blue Infrastructure

“The green and blue infrastructure (TVB) is an approach which aims to maintain and reconstitute a network of exchanges so that animal and plant species can, like humans, circulate, eat, reproduce, rest … and thus ensure their life cycle. The green and blue infrastructure carries the ambition to include the preservation of biodiversity in land use planning decisions, contributing to the improvement of the living environment and to residential and tourist attractiveness. ”

LIFE BIODIV’OM exhibition at the TVB seminar © Nancy JACQUELIN-PNRM

Review of the TVB seminar

  • 2 days of seminars
  • 13 municipalities and the 3 EPCIs were represented (Le Morne-Rouge, Grand’Rivière, La Trinité, Le Robert, Le Morne-Vert, Schoelcher, Fort de France, Le Lamentin, Ducos, Les Anses d’Arlet, Rivière-Pilote, Le Vauclin, Le François, the CAP Nord Martinique, the CACEM and the CAESM)
  • 83 participants (including 9 elected) on Thursday, and 38 (including 3 elected) on Friday