Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

GEPOG begins actions on broad-leaved paperbarks!

On Friday, October 25th, GEPOG officers and their volunteers visited the Space Center test plot identified within the Life BIODIV’OM to measure and mark 200 broad-leaved paperbarks.

Monitoring and marking of broad leaved paperbarks © Mr Roger, A.STIER

The broad-leaved paperbark, a threat to the savannahs

Broad-leaved paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia) is considered one of the most problematic invasive alien plant species for the conservation of the Guyana littoral savannas. Imported from Australia, this species darkens open spaces and invades savannas. Its ability to withstand fires and produce more than 20,000,000 seeds a year makes this species as a formidable and invasive species, threatening the Guyanese savannas.

Marking and measurement of broad-leaved paperbarks

On October 25th, GEPOG and their volunteers carried out the first follow-ups on the parcels of broad-leaved paperbarks. Following the arrival of the Florida experts, GEPOG agents carefully selected the trees to be treated according to the protocol established with the experts. Tracking identified trees with experts in September was also done to gain insight into the effectiveness of treatment techniques.