Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The GEPOG leaves to get informed

In order to collect data on the Atlantic goliath grouper fishery in Guyana, GEPOG agents took advantage of a seaside fishing championship during the month of March in Kourou to conduct interviews.

Interview during the Surfcasting Championship © GEPOG

The surveys
As part of the action to describe fishing practices targeting the Atlantic Goliath grouper, GEPOG conducts interviews with recreational fishermen. The questionnaire used collects information on the profile of users, their fishing gear, the sites visited, the frequency of their trips, but also their opinions on the state of conservation of the Atlantic Goliath grouper in Guyana and their wish to involve in collective reflection from 2021.

The Surfcasting Championship
In order to contact a large number of fishermen, GEPOG was present during the surfcasting championship (fishing from the seaside) which took place in March on Kourou beach. This competition, organized by the Association of Pleasure Boats and Fishermen of Guyana (, takes place in seven rounds between February and June and brings together some forty participants. Even though the Atlantic Goliath grouper is not a species targeted by this fishing practice, many fishermen also practice on-board fishing at sea and were thus able to answer the questionnaire. About ten interviews were carried out.

GEPOG actions
In addition to gathering a great deal of information concerning the Atlantic Goliath grouper fishery in French Guiana, GEPOG work with all of the stakeholders to define actions and measures to be put in place to move towards sustainable management of the species. GEPOG will also publish a good practice guide for recreational fishermen.