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GEPOG association goes to meet fishermen and fish sellers in Kourou !

On Thursday, September 10, GEPOG agents went to the Kourou fish market to discuss with fishermen and vendors to learn more about the sale of Atlantic Goliath Grouper.

Kourou market © GEPOG

Kourou fish market

The fish market, located in the village of Kourou, allows fishing professionals to sell the product of their activity. This place of sale is regularly frequented by many Kourouc residents who go there to buy fresh fish. Its dynamism illustrates the interest of the inhabitants for seafood.

This outing to the Kourou fish market allowed the GEPOG team who made the trip to familiarize themselves with this place where a significant portion of the Atlantic Goliath Groupers caught in Guyana are marketed. Thus, exchanges have already been made with a fisherman targeting the Atlantic Goliath Grouper, the wife of another fisherman targeting the species and several other sellers.

Surveys of sellers and buyers in preparation

Given the dynamics of the Kourou fish market, surveys will be organized there in the coming weeks. Part of the surveys will be carried out with market sellers in order to obtain information on the frequency of Atlantic Goliath Grouper sales, the type of buyers or the selling price. The other part of the surveys will target buyers, in order to be able to describe the habits of the Atlantic Goliath Grouper enthusiasts who buy them, among other things, at the Kourou fish market (frequency of purchase, way of cooking, etc.) . This work will complement the interviews already carried out with recreational fishermen and professional fishermen in order to describe as faithfully as possible the economic circuit of the Atlantic Goliath Grouper in Guyana, from fishing to sale.

Distribution of flyers on the Atlantic Goliath Grouper

GEPOG agents also took advantage of their presence in Kourou to start distributing flyers on the Atlantic Goliath Grouper. These flyers were given to fishing and boat shops so that they could be made available to customers interested in the Atlantic Goliath Grouper and the LIFE BIODIV’OM program. The distribution is to continue in the coming days in fishing and boat shops on the island of Cayenne.

Distribution of flyers by GEPOG agents © GEPOG

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