Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

LIFE BIODIV’OM at the “#Martinique Merveille du Monde Festival, candidate for UNESCO World Heritage”

As part of its program of long holiday activities, the Martinique Natural Park organized on 05 July 2020, the opening of the first edition of the “#Martinique Merveille du Monde Festival, candidate for UNESCO World Heritage”

Presentation of LIFE BIODIV’OM communication tools © Christelle BERANGER

The event took place on the Caravelle Peninsula (Château Dubuc, National Nature Reserve, Bourg de Tartane, etc.). The theme of this first day was: “La Caravelle, a peninsula to discover.”

Preservation of the White-breasted trasher

On this occasion, the PNM organized a participatory science workshop aimed at the general public and in particular the youngest, in order to communicate on Life BIODIV’OM and raise their awareness of the challenges of preserving threatened biodiversity in the French overseas territories, including the White-breasted trasher.

During this workshop, several communication tools from LIFE BIODIV’OM were presented such as the exhibition of the 7 panels of Life BIODIV’OM and the awareness clip on the White-breasted trasher and some distributed as the presentation brochure of the program.

Other documents were also sent, such as the list of useful links on biodiversity, including that of the educational platform created on the OMB website for young people and schoolchildren:

http: //www.biodiversite-

This platform links to various content, including in particular the official pages of Life BIODIVOM, etc.
Finally, a quiz on the White-breasted trasher and Life BIODIV’OM was also carried out and distributed.

Discovery of the Caravelle Peninsula © Micheline BORDES

Discovery of the Caravelle Peninsula

At the same time, other tourist and cultural activities were offered, including a guided tour of the trails of the Caravelle National Nature Reserve. In this context, more than fifty visitors were made aware of the natural heritage of the reserve, including the White-breasted trasher, in particular thanks to the intervention of PNM environmental guards.

In total, we estimate the number of people sensitized on the subject ” White-breasted trasher / Life BIODIV’OM” between 80 and 100 thanks to this event.