Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Life BIODIV’OM in the village “A bottle at the sea”

At the beginning of June 2019, the agents of the National Nature Reserve of Saint Martin held a stand in the village “A bottle at the sea”. The opportunity to present the actions of Life BIODIV’OM in favor of groupers on the territory.

Awareness Raised by AGRNSM Officers © AGRNSM

The village “A bottle at the sea”

Organized by the Prefecture of Saint-Martin and Saint Barthélémy and the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, this event took place on June 7th and 8th in the form of a village of stands highlighting the actions and products realized by the local to raise public awareness of the protection of the environment.

The National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin has naturally held a stand in this village to present local actions for groupers in front of several classes of elementary and high schools, IMEs and other visitors for two days.

Plastic pollution

Since its commercial development, global plastic production has increased by 620% in 40 years. Ease of formatting, low cost, resistance, so many benefits that have contributed to its expansion. Exceeded by the phenomenon and suffering from a lack of recycling, collection systems or abandonment in nature, it is estimated that more than 13 million tons of plastic waste are found in the oceans each year in the form of macro-plastics or micro-plastics.

The impact on the environment is more specifically on fauna is direct: ingestion of macro-plastic by seabirds, cetaceans, marine mammals or marine turtles are a cause of mortality for many of these species. Micro-plastics are present throughout the food chain of the marine ecosystem.
These plastics also involve the transport of invasive species: fish, algae, shells, bacteria, organisms called plastisphere by their association with plastic and represent a danger for the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

Finally, these plastics are a source of significant chemical pollution because of their components, which once ingested can be extremely toxic.


As a reminder, in Saint-Martin, the actions of the Life BIODIV’OM program focus on two species of grouper, the Goliath grouper and the Nassau grouper. These two species are mainly threatened by a lack of regulation on the territories about fishing, the destruction of habitats such as coral reefs or climatic events.