Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Life BIODIV’OM celebrates its first year

Launched on September 17, 2018, the European Life BIODIV’OM program is celebrating its first year! The opportunity to make a small assessment!

A year rich in communication

To publicize the project to the general public, various communication tools have been created:
– 1 website with more than 5000 visits in 5 months
– 1 Facebook page with nearly 800 subscribers
– 1 press kit
– 1 presentation brochure (french/english/spanish)

A year of reflection and action

Several highlights deserve to be highlighted

– the new decree in Saint-Martin against fishing Goliath grouper and Nassau grouper
– the return of the Madagascar pond heron on the site of the Lagoon of Ambato and the important work of study of the predators of this beautiful bird realized by the GEPOMAY
– The recruitment of volunteers who participate in rat extermination in Reunion as part of “Brigades Tuit-tuit”
– the realization of the 4 consultation workshops for the participatory writing of plans to fight invasive alien plant species in French Guiana
– The launch of fishermen’s surveys in French Guiana and Saint-Martin
– The launch of the reflection on the creation of an ecological corridor for the White-breasted Thrasher in Martinique