Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The Life BIODIV’OM project presented to tourism professionals in Martinique

On Monday October 19, 2020 took place the 2nd day of the “Biodiversity Workshops” for tourism professionals. The opportunity to present the actions carried out in the territory for the conservation of the White-Breasted Thrasher (Ramphocinclus brachyurus) as part of the LIFE BIODIV’OM project.

2nd day of the Biodiversity Workshops © Gladys AMORY

Biodiversity Workshops

Supported by the Martinique Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIM) and its partners, the “Biodiversity Workshops” aim to encourage tourism stakeholders to become ambassadors of their environment and to support them in this process way. This event is carried out within the framework of a partnership agreement between the Martinique Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Martinique) and the Water Office of Martinique (ODE)

Field visit in Martinique

About fifteen actors, including the PNRM, met in the field, in the North Atlantic of Martinique, to discuss the richness and fragility of the island’s natural heritage. To illustrate the subject, a focus was proposed on the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems present on the Caravelle peninsula and at the level of the Galion River (municipality of La Trinité).

Field visit in a mangrove forest © Gladys AMORY

Several thematic modules were moderated by the partners and scientific experts present: the role and management of a reserve (example of the National Nature Reserve of the Caravelle peninsula), avifauna, mangroves, the notion of geology, rivers and aquatic environments, wetlands, and bats.

Throughout the day, participants were made aware of the challenges of preserving local biodiversity. The coordinator of the Life BIODIV’OM project in Martinique presented the actions carried out in the territory for the conservation of the White-Breasted Thrasher (Ramphocinclus brachyurus), endemic and threatened bird: ornithological monitoring, regulation of predators, creation of ecological corridors and consultation with economic actors in order to protect the species’ natural habitat.

The “Tourism Quality” Label

Group photo during the second day of the Biodiversity Workshops © Gladys AMORY

The “Tourism Quality” Label is a national brand which brings together the quality approaches of hotels, restaurants, places to visit, sports and leisure activities, shops and guided tours. In Martinique, around thirty establishments now proudly display this label and around sixty are committed to the process. Recognized and appreciated by consumers, The “Tourism Quality” Label enables them to choose with confidence establishments that are committed to customer satisfaction. To obtain the mark, establishments must meet rigorous specifications which may include up to 300 criteria.
Among these, there are requirements related to sustainable development such as the implementation of selective sorting in the establishment or the prioritization of responsible purchasing. There are also criteria linked to the enhancement of the territory, such as raising staff awareness of local specificities and of the island’s flora and fauna.