Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Argos GPS tags already provide important data!

In December 2020, GEPOMAY fitted 2 Madagascar pond-herons with Argos GPS tags in order to obtain information on their movements and the areas used by the species. 3 months after this mission, the first data collected already make it possible to identify strategic sites for the species!

Thanks to Argos gps tags, a feeding site for Madagascar pond-herons, unknown until now, was discovered © Emilien DAUTREY / GEPOMAY


In March 2021, the data made it possible to identify an unknown wet meadow on which one of the Madagascar pond-herons equipped with Argos GPS tags in December 2020. GEPOMAY will therefore study this wet meadow in the coming months in order to to identify if this feeding site is being used by other individuals. To do this, the association added this wet meadow to the monthly monitoring of Madagascar pond-heron feeding sites carried out with a spotting scope.

Madagascar pond-heron equipped with an Argos gps tag in December 2020 © GEPOMAY

The data collected also made it possible to identify “roost sites” mainly used by the species and which would therefore be relevant to protect. Further studies will therefore be undertaken to intensify the analysis of these results. In addition, a new mission will be organized at the end of 2021 to equip new individuals with Argos gps tags.

Site where one of the Madagascar pond-heron equipped spends more than half of his nights © Emilien DAUTREY / GEPOMAY

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