Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Pupils aware of the protection of the Madagascar pond heron in Mayotte

On Thursday 27 February, GEPOMAY intervened at the primary school in Miréréni with a CE1 class.

Animation of the Madagascar pond heron in class © GEPOMAY

School intervention
Second school intervention within the framework of LIFE BIODIV’OM, this activity allowed 16 pupils of CE1 to be made aware of the protection of the Madagascar pond heron.
The students were led to carry out several activities: game of the 7 differences, drawings of birds, making an origami, life-size game to understand the different stages of the Madagascar pond heron’s life.

Through these school interventions, the GEPOMAY aims to educate the youngest to recognize the species, understand its ecology (feeding, reproduction, movement, threats) and learn not to disturb it (do not go under the nests, do not make noise).
An outing will also be organized to the main feeding site of the species (at Lake Karihani), to learn how to observe the bird in its natural environment.

Involve local people
The implementation of school-based interventions is part of a large awareness program aimed at involving local populations and local decision-makers in the protection of endangered species.
Thus, on each territory, 6 school interventions in class and on site must be carried out every year. For GEPOMAY, these interventions started in January 2020 and will be organized over the life of LIFE.

A broader awareness program
In order to raise local awareness of the protection of the Madagascar pond heron, GEPOMAY also produced an awareness clip on the species.
Leaflets were also deployed locally to raise awareness and encourage them to report their data when they observe Madagascar pond heron individuals.