Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The students of Kourou in the core of the savannahs of the Guiana Space Centre

On May 10, GEPOG organized a visit to the core of the savannahs of the Guiana Space Centre. The opportunity for the students of the Nezes school of Kourou to discover the fauna, flora, soil and challenges of the Guyanese savannahs.

School outing in the savannahs of Guyana – GEPOG

End of school outings program for CM2 in Kourou

This outing closes the “Guiana savannah” module offered to several CM2 classes in Kourou, after two class sessions focused on the fauna, flora and soil of the savannahs.

To join the Ébène trail, the students crossed the Guiana Space Centre by bus to the Diane savannah. The trail crosses several different ecosystems: dry savannah, forest island, flooded savannah and swamp forest.

Red-bellied macaws – Thibaut FERRIEUX/ONF

The students were able to observe sundews (carnivorous plants), wild vanilla and palm trees. The macaws nesting near the trail offered a magnificent ballet and could be observed with a telescope.

Many thanks to CNES, ONF Guyane and Sodexo for making these visits possible.

Field trip – GEPOG