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Surveys of recreational fishermen are starting again in French Guyana

After several months without being able to work in contact with fishermen, the GEPOG agents resumed their interviews with recreational fishermen in order to collect data on the Atlantic Goliath Grouper fishing in Guyana.

Cayenne River © Mathilde LAFONT / GEPOG

Surveys to describe fishing practices
In order to learn more about the Atlantic Goliath Grouper fishing practices in Guyana, GEPOG has been undertaking a series of interviews with recreational fishermen for almost a year. The objective of these talks is to be able to characterize the fishing activity while mobilizing fishermen around the issue of the sustainable management of the Atlantic Goliath Grouper.

Integrate river fishermen into the project
While the majority of interviews carried out so far with recreational fishermen who fish for the Atlantic Goliath Grouper at sea, it was necessary to mobilize river fishermen in order to describe fishing practices as faithfully as possible. To do this, GEPOG went to the Larivot bridge, a popular spot for river fishermen, which links the city of Cayenne and the cities of Matoury and Macouria.

Mobilization of stakeholders before consultation
These new interviews make it possible to refine the description of Atlantic Goliath Grouper fishing practices but also to mobilize recreational fishermen with more varied profiles, with the aim of integrating the interests of all during the consultation which will begin next year. In French Guiana, since fishing for Atlantic Goliath Grouper is only regulated at sea for recreational fishermen, the question of regulation in estuarine and river areas will then be raised during this phase of discussions with local stakeholders.

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