Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The schoolchildren set off to explore the Guyanese coastline and its wonders!

In June 2021, the GEPOG association carried out 5 school trips allowing more than a hundred students to be sensitized on the ground to the protection of the coastal and marine environment of Guyana.

Class of the Nézès school at the tip of the rocks, in Kourou © GEPOG

Discovery of the coast for the classes of Compas and Emile Nézès

On June 15, 2 classes from the Compas school in Kourou were supervised by GEPOG association during a stroll on the beach towards Charlotte Point in Kourou. On June 22, 28 and 29, three outings were also carried out at Pointe des Roches and on Pim Poum beach with CM1 and CM2 from Nézès school in Kourou.

Compas school – beach towards Charlotte Point in Kourou © GEPOG

During these mornings, GEPOG thus proposed a very diverse program:

  • observation of the fauna of the estuary, mangroves and mudflats (terns, blue egrets, red ibis and scissor beaks)
  • use of binoculars and spotting scope
  • big game of the goose – nature rally (on the theme of the grouper)
  • awareness of beach waste and collection of plastic with the help of the Guyana Clean Beaches association

Class of the Nézès school, point of the rocks in Kourou © GEPOG