Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Children sensitized to the protection of Groupers in Saint-Martin!

Since October 2019, the AGRNSM has begun the implementation of school interventions in the institutions thus raising the awareness of the youngest to the protection of the Nassau grouper and the Goliath grouper in Saint-Martin.

School intervention of AGRNSM © AGRNMSM

Involving local people

The implementation of school-based interventions is part of a broad awareness program aimed at involving local people and local decision-makers in the protection of endangered species.

Thus, in each territory, 6 classroom and 6 field interventions must be performed every year. For the AGNRSM, these interventions began in October and new workshops are planned in November and December with elementary schools, colleges and high schools. They will take place in class but also in the field, the opportunity to discover the two species of groupers, their fragile habitats and the missions of study and management of these populations.

A broader awareness program

To further sensitize the locals to the protection of the Goliath grouper and the Nassau grouper, the AGNRSM has also produced, with the help of GEPOG in Guyana, a video clip of awareness on the Goliath grouper and has also made a clip to raise awareness for the Nassau grouper.

Leaflets will also be deployed locally to raise awareness and encourage people to trace their data when they observe individuals of Goliath grouper and Nassau grouper.