Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The ONF supports the SEOR in the protection of Reunion cuckooshrike in Reunion island

In August 2020, the National Forestry Office carried out work to limit the presence of rats at the Plaine des Chicots cottage and thus participate in the protection of Tuit-tuit.

Rat proof lids placed on the bins © SEOR

A partnership between the ONF and the SEOR

Since May 2019, the two structures have signed a 3-year partnership agreement aiming to cooperate for “the conservation of avifauna and their habitats in forests under the forest regime and managed by the ONF” including the forest of the Roche-Ecrite mountain.

The ONF supports the Société d’Études Ornithologiques de La Réunion in the implementation of the predator management plan by making its buildings located in forests available to SEOR teams.

Tuit-tuit © Jaime MARTINEZ

A new device to limit rats

In August 2020, the ONF rehabilitated the lids of the steel bins of the bins at the Plaine des Chicots cottage with “rat proof” technology. Thus, the waste is not accessible to rats, which limits their presence and proliferation near the cottage as well as within the Roche Ecrite Mountain.

Finally, it is important to remind people walking on the Roche Ecrite Mountain not to throw their waste into nature, including biodegradable waste, so as not to favor rat populations.