Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Coordination mission in French Guiana

From 4 to 8 November, the Life BIODIV’OM coordinator went on site to monitor the actions with the local teams. The opportunity to participate in the management of invasive alien species with GEPOG, partner of the LIFE in French Guiana.

IAS management by the GEPOG team with the Life BIODIV’OM coordinator © GEPOG

Management of invasive alien species

Tuesday, November 5, 2019, the coordinator of Life BIODIV’OM on the subject of savannahs in French Guiana (GEPOG) accompanied by the national coordinator (LPO) on a coordination mission in Guyana, took part in management operations of Acacia mangium on the savannah of Yiyi Pripris. It was a question of lending a hand to the SEPANGUY association and to the town hall of Sinnamary, the two co-managers of this site owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral.

The opportunity also to go to the test site of the broad-leaved paperbark management protocol where the trees were marked in September to test different management techniques.

National coordination

The Life BIODIV’OM is a European program with actions in five outermost regions in which beneficiaries carry out conservation and protection activities for the project. This is the case for SEOR and PNRun in La Réunion, GEPOMAY in Mayotte, GEPOG in Guyana, AGRNSM in Saint-Martin and PNM in Martinique. In order to be able to manage the deadlines, the progress of the actions and the respect of the budgets associated with the program, the national coordination of the Life program was entrusted to the LPO, with experience on many European programs.

Regular visits
To ensure the smooth running of the actions, the project provides coordination missions in all the territories targeted by the project over the 5 years. These missions make it possible to take stock of the progress of the project, to organize workshops on common themes and to meet the new people hired on the program.