Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Tutoring mission on the IBA method

In April 2019, a tutoring mission on the method of identifying important sites for the conservation of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) was conducted in Martinique, Saint-Martin and Mayotte.

Group picture taking during a field work in Martinique © Florent BIGNON\LPO

Developed within the Life + CAP DOM program in Réunion and French Guiana, this method will be applied in Mayotte, Saint-Martin and Martinique during the Life BIODIV’OM program. For this, a tutoring mission organized by the International and Overseas team leader of the LPO was carried out on the three territories during the month of April.

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, IBAs are sites of major interest that host populations of wild birds deemed of community or European importance.
The associated method makes it possible to identify these sites according to several criteria, notably by relying on the distribution of species with high stakes.

A list of regional and community species and their numbers will be produced as part of this program. Sites where endangered species, large aggregations, endemic species are identified will be identified as IBAs and will be described with a description of why these sites are worthy of conservation.

To know more:
IBAs represent on average 8.1% of France’s land area.