Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

New consultation workshops for the creation of an ecological corridor in Martinique

As part of the creation of an ecological corridor favorable to the White-breasted Thrasher on the Caravelle peninsula, the PNRM is continuing the consultation process initiated in 2019 with the agricultural profession.

Site visits – PNRM E-A VEDERINE

On the way to a feasibility study!

Between October 2022 and February 2023, 4 new workshops were organized around this project. During these meetings: the representatives of 7 structures (National Botanical Conservatory of Martinique, National Office of Martinique Forests, Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, University of the West Indies, Exploitation Agricole du Gallion, FREDON, Yvon LUC-CAYOL nursery) were able to discuss with the PNRM on the technical methods of carrying out this large-scale project, taking into account the constraints and priorities of the Exploitation Agricole du Gallion with which the PNRM has been committed since 2020.

These workshops have notably made it possible to establish consultation meetings between the PNRM and the University of the West Indies, to visit the sites targeted by this ecological corridor project such as the National Nature Reserve of the Caravelle peninsula, Pointe Rouge , Habitation Spoutourne and the EAG website). This visit notably followed the realization of a technical workshop. Finally, a final consultation meeting took place between the PNRM and the Exploitation Agricole du Gallion.

In total, nearly 16 people responded and allowed the PNRM to collect the framework elements necessary for the realization of a feasibility study planned in the coming months.

Nursery visit for the ecological corridor project – PNRM E.A VEDERINE