Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

The first Consultative Workshop in Martinique!

29th May, the “Parc Naturel de Martinique” authorities organised the first consultative workshop with the theme, “ecological corridors”.

First consultative workshop with the theme, “ecological corridors” © PNM

Its aims

This first consultative workshop was organised with the aim of starting to think and define initial actions to be taken for setting up ecological corridors within the framework of the consultative management plan, the main aim of which is to allow the White-breasted Thrasher to recolonise its habitat.

The meeting

Several organisations were present: Martinique territorial collective, Forestry commission, the DEAL, the Littoral conservancy, La Trinité town authority, Le Carouge association and the SEPANMAR association. There was a rapid presentation of Life BIODIV’OM and proposed actions in Martinique before time for an exchange of experiences concerning the setting-up of ecological corridors as well as thoughts about the financial, judicial and technical l viability of such actions.

An ecological corridor

An ecological corridor is an area of transit between two natural areas which allows for the migration, movement and survival of certain species. Within the framework of Life BIODIV’OM, an ecological corridor will be created in Martinique on the Caravelle peninsula that will allow exchange between two isolated populations of the White-breasted Thrasher thus assuring the species survival.

Cooperative work

Due to the presence of areas of agricultural land between the two isolated populations of White-breasted Thrashers that are present in forest habitats, it’s necessary to organise consultative workshops with the different land users in order to work in an optimal way. Thus, additional workshops will be organised by the Parc Naturel de Martinique in the forthcoming months in order to go ahead with the setting-up of such an ecological corridor.