Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

First monitoring committee for Saint-Martin

On Monday 9 December, the National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin organized its first Life BIODIV’OM monitoring committee.

LIFE BIODIV’OM follow-up committee at AGRNSM © AGRNSM

The monitoring committee

This Committee is made up of local scientific experts and members of AGRNSM. These experts, doctor in marine biology, project manager in international cooperation and environment, environmental engineer and aquaculturist, were able to give their opinions and recommendations on the scientific actions of Life BIODIV’OM at AGRNSM.

Life’s actions

As a reminder, in Saint-Martin, the actions of the Life BIODIV’OM program focus on two species of grouper, the Atlantic goliath grouper and the Nassau grouper. These two species are mainly threatened by a lack of regulation in the territories with regard to fishing, the destruction of habitats such as coral reefs or climatic events.

To overcome these threats, the AGRNSM conducts consultation workshops with professional fishermen and boaters to learn more about fishing practices. It will also produce a good practice guide for boaters and set up a participatory network in order to collect as much data as possible from sea users, divers…

Finally, in 2019, the association started a larval recruitment protocol in the objective of strengthening knowledge of the species and also managed to put in place a new decree prohibiting fishing for the Nassau grouper and the Atlantic goliath grouper on the island of Saint-Martin for recreational sea fishing.