Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

First predator trapping test campaign in Martinique

In April 2021, the Martinique Regional Natural Park organized a first test campaign for the mechanical trapping of predators of the White-breated thrasher in order to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the predation regulation methods described in the protocol developed by the PNRM and its partners within the framework of Life BIODIV’OM project.

A24 trap © PNRM

Installation of 10 mechanical traps

In order to optimize the preparation of the next trapping campaigns planned for the period 2021-2023, the PNRM and its local partners have started the deployment of this protocol on an experimental perimeter. To do this, 10 A24 mechanical traps were installed on the Caravelle peninsula (5 on the Pointe Rouge site + 5 on the edge of the RNNC and Château Dubuc forest).

The A24 Goodnature traps are automatic, self-contained, robust and poison-free mechanical traps. These operate using a pressurized CO2 gas canister system that is triggered when a rat or mongoose enters the trap.

Then, the monitoring of catches was carried out at regular intervals of 10 to 15 days.

Setting a trap by the PNRM © PNRM

A positive result in figures :

  • 40 days of testing
  • 10 A24 traps
  • 4 monitorings
  • 80 triggering of A24 traps
  • 75% rats and 25% mongooses (Based on previous experience feedback (Life + CAP DOM, DiSC project, ONF campaigns, etc.) and video surveillance data (camera trap).
  • 60 rats and 20 mongooses (estimate)