Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Meeting with professional fishermen in French Guiana

On 23rd August last, staff of the GEPOG met with professional fishermen focusing on the Goliath Grouper in order to present to them the program and forthcoming actions, and to obtain permission for their participation in interviews.

Meeting with professional fishermen © GEPOG

A lack of information

Despite the gathering of much data on the species’ ecology and biology in Guiana since 2007, little has been learnt of leisure or professional fishing practices here. In order to fill this lack of information and to establish exactly what was happening the GEPOG plans to interview fishermen within the remit of the Life BIODIV’OM.

Cooperative and sustainable management

One of the objectives of the Life BIODIV’OM program in Guiana was the setting up of cooperative and sustainable management of the Goliath Grouper. With this in mind, a meeting with professional fishermen concerned with Goliath Grouper fishing in waters around Kourou and the “Iles du Salut” was organised 23rd August last in order to present the program and future actions to them and obtain their agreement to be interviewed.

The Guiana regional fishing authority (the CRPMEM), a project partner, was represented by its president and its two fishery specialists. After a favourable agreement with fishermen the CRPMEM will soon start collecting data in collaboration with the GEPOG.

This time of discussion was also the occasion to encourage those present to participate in the consultation phase that will take place in 2021-2022 with the aim of collectively defining the necessary recommendations for the setting up of a sustainable management plan for the species.

An endangered species

A victim of over-fishing during the 1980s, the species is now only found in the western part of its former distribution. It is estimated that the decline in the world population is of the order of 80%.

The species also suffers from extensive degradation of its habitat such as that of the mangroves and coral reefs affected by urbanisation and global warming.