Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

FAUNE France databases

FAUNE France in figures :

  • More than 50 million records
  • More than 650 000 animal photographs and recordings
  • More than 87 000 participants
  • More than 32 000 active participants

What is FAUNE France?

FAUNE France is an online portal that allows the assemblage of information of faunal observations by a vast network of observers, both beginner and expert, in order to further our knowledge and protect our natural heritage.

Instigated by a network of more than 45 natural history organisations that have signed a common charter (the Faune-France charter) with 90 partner associations, the whole coordinated by the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (Birdlife partner in France); the portal allows naturalists to determine to what extent a species is threatened, estimate population size, identify important sites to guaranty their protection or measure the impact of certain activities.


Data entry is done through the FAUNE web-site by using the NaturaList mobile application which allows observations to be recorded live, this coupled to a geo-location system. This app. is totally free of charge and available for Android.

An information site:

The FAUNE France site also contains much news for naturalists, photo and sound libraries, species factsheets, inquiry results and consultation modules adapted for different public groups: the curious, amateurs, informed amateurs or experts.

FAUNE France in the overseas territories:

Created as part of the European LIFE+ CAP DOM programme, three naturalist’s portals were developed for French Guiana, Reunion and Martinique, they allowed for the collecting of thousands of records from these three French regions.