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Return of the Madagascar pond-heron to the Ambato lagoon

Return of the Madagascar pond-heron to the Ambato lagoon on Mayotte!

Having disappeared from the breeding site two years ago, GEPOMAY was delighted to find 3 breeding pairs of Madagascar pond-heron there in early 2019.

Ambato lagoon
The Ambato lagoon is a wetland a little distance from the sea with a very small mangrove (less than 1 hectare) that was a Madagascar pond-heron breeding site until November 2016, at that time the nests were abandoned probably due to disturbance and/or poaching.

The result of concrete actions
Due to the nests being abandoned and the species leaving the site, in 2018, with IUCN aid, GEPOMAY trained “Jardin de Mtsangamouji” staff so that they could make local people aware of the need to protect the pond-heron’s habitat and of the importance of wetlands.

At the same time and in partnership with the Mayotte DEAL, action was taken by the Departmental Council, the departmental AFB services and the Mtsangamouji mairie in whose commune the lagoon occurs, to initiate the control of illegal practices.

A discovery
30th December 2018, GEPOMAY and the « Jardin de Mtsangamouji » association were pleasantly surprised to find 3 nesting pairs of Madagascar pond-heron in the lagoon mangroves. It is thought highly probable that this was the result of actions taken over the preceding months.

Good news for a species considered endangered on a global scale by the IUCN and that has been the object of conservation actions within the framework of the LIFE BIODIV’OM project. Regular monitoring of this colony by GEPOMAY will continue in 2019 hoping that young will fledge and that they will return to nest in the future.

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