Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Reproduction monitoring of the Reunion cuckooshrike in Réunion island

On November 29th, the National Life BIODIV’OM Program Coordinator and the LPO LIFE Program Manager accompanied the SEOR and PNRun within the habitat to assist in monitoring the reproduction of the Tuit-tuit.

SEOR, PNRun and LPO in the field to monitor Tuit-tuit reproduction © LPO

Coordination Mission

In order to follow the actions of the Life BIODIV’OM and to exchange effectively with the program partners, the national coordinator of the program carries out regular missions in the territories in order to take stock of the progress of the actions.

It is also an opportunity to go out into the field, to witness some actions taken by the local teams, such as monitoring the reproduction of Tuit-tuit and to observe some individuals feeding with a butterfly in beak.

Regular follow-up

Performed for years by the SEOR, monitoring of the reproduction of Tuit-tuit is now carried out as part of the Life BIODIV’OM program until 2023. This monitoring makes it possible to evaluate the impact of predator control on the reproductive success of the species and so on the population of Tuit-tuit.

The results are there since the reproductive success of the species before the actions of rat extermination was of the order of 30% whereas from now on the species presents a success of reproduction of about 75%. In addition, the population now has about 40 couples while it presented only 7 in 2004.