Protecting threatened Over-seas biodiversity

Follow-up actions in Mayotte with GEPOMAY

From September 3 to 5, the Life BIODIV’OM coordination assistant carried out a mission to Mayotte in order to follow up on some actions taken. The opportunity to visit the study sites on which the actions will be set up and observe some Madagascar pond heron.

GEPOMAY team and the assistant coordinator of the Life BIODIV’OM © Florent BIGNON/LPO

National coordination

The LPO coordinates the Life BIODIV’OM program nationwide. The national coordinator of Life is in charge of ensuring the smooth running of the actions and the expenses carried out within the framework of the European program. The coordination assistant implements some actions such as actions related to the communication of the project and the deployment of associated tools but also actions related to the social, economic and ecosystem assesment of the project.

As part of the deployment of these actions, the coordination assistant carried out a mission from September 3 to 5, within GEPOMAY, a partner of Life BIODIV’OM in Mayotte, to ensure the implementation and monitoring of these actions.

The mission

During this mission, various points were discussed such as ecosystem and socio-economic services assessments, but also the project’s replicability strategy or the communication tools. This last point was discussed at length considering the arrival of a VSC communication within the GEPOMAY team.

This mission also allowed the coordinating assistant to discover the areas concerned by the Life BIODIV’OM, the Ambato Lagoon, the Dzoumogné mangrove and the Karihani Lake where some individuals of Madagascar pond heron could be observed. .